Join us on the water this summer for Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. Daytime and Sunset/Full Moon Classes. All levels welcome!

Summer Solstice Celebration

Let’s celebrate the start of Summer with an outdoor 108 Sun Salutations (+ a bonfire to follow) at Strawbridge Park in Horsham, PA! All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Series with Deepa

Join Deepa in a 5 week series, engaging in muscle strength and flexibility, focusing on a certain area of the body each week. This series could be beneficial for anyone who wants to deepen their practice and to anyone who wants to work on strengthening/flexibility in a particular area.

Thursdays 7:45-9pm {July 15th-August 12th}

Yoga Begin

Have you heard about all the great benefits of yoga, but you are not sure where to BEGIN? 

Join us the last Saturday of the month at noon!

Juices, Smoothies & More!

From healing sips to nourishing bites, our Spring menu is sure to delight!

We are open for indoor dinning & curbside pick-up Thursday-Sunday 8am-2pm.

Order online or stop in!

Meditate with us!

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.” – Amit Ray

Keep your practice strong and meditate with us, virtually!

Storm Videos on Demand!

Get access to our live and pre-recorded classes from your favorite NS Instructors anytime from your home! Included in Storm Memberships. Available as an add on to all other pricing options.

S2W Member Portal

Join our online community of teachers, students and like-minded inidivuals as we dive into our monthly themes through live discussion and self-study. Free for NS members, all welcome.

Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe

Nourishing Storm Wellness Company is made up of experienced instructors, coaches and foodies that are passionate about healing and sharing wellness practices, each designed to inspire and transform. We offer weekly classes (both indoor and outdoor), monthly Yoga and Food inspired workshops, private and group health coaching as well as an array of healthy foods in our NEW cafe. Our mission is to make the practice of yoga, healthy eating and joyful living approachable, purposeful and nourishing for all.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Nourishing Storm is about rapture, movement, joyfulness, delight; the moment you realize everything in your life has prepared you for this awakening of feeling alive, free and purely at peace. Whatever makes you free, is worth the storm to get you there.

Our guiding principles

Our Philosophy

The Nourishing Storm instructors and foodies call themselves “inspirational guides” that take pride in helping others find harmony, health and happiness. Whether you are looking to feel alive, breathe a little easier, be less stressed, find your life’s purpose, feel connected, be part of an amazing community, nourish your mind, body and/or spirit; we are dedicated to your health and wellness.

We believe in 3 guiding priorities to living (and healing) well …


Awareness is always the first step and the ultimate catalyst for change. Being aware means understanding that our lives are made up of many components including relationships, love, work, play, creativity, spirituality. If we are unbalanced in any of these areas, it will be hard to accomplish our nutrition and general wellness goals. Sometimes just being aware and then making it a priority to re-balance is enough. In other cases, at different times in our lives, we need to make major and more difficult changes. That is why the NS team is here to support you along the your journey.

We’ll ask powerful questions and help you lean into living your best life  –  and it all starts with awareness.


Nutrition is key to total wellness! After all, we are what we eat. So, mindful eating means taking time to understand how we feel during and after we eat certain foods. Do we feel energized and balanced or sluggish and drained? Beyond that, taking notice of how well we digest the food we eat can lead to total awareness in mindful eating. 

Along with knowing the foods that nourish us, we also must learn how to create balanced meals everyday, all throughout the day. Our bodies are different today than they were yesterday, therefore it is essential to be mindful of what we eat, what our food ate, and how that food will ultimately nourish our body and mind.

Come visit our cafe or meet with one of our health coaches to make a plan for your nutrition goals. 


Our bodies are designed to move. We are made of energy and that energy determines how we move throughout our lives by way of experiences, emotions and body make-up . Our body is a temple and to treat it right, we must keep it in motion!

The best way to move our bodies is to find the right practice and teacher that fit your style and wellness goals. At Nourishing Storm, our instructors are attuned to each student’s experience from the moment they walk in the door to how they are feeling when they leave.

Come meet us, try a class (both indoor and outdoor) and find your style. 

A real focus on Awareness, Nutrition & Movement will nourish any storm.

Root to Rise Teacher Training

Come train with us and learn to be the teacher you were always meant to be. Whether you want to teach in a studio or outdoors, to groups or individuals or even just to deepen your own practice, we are dedicated to helping you find your most authentic voice.

Next 200 training: September 2021

Upcoming 300 hour training & Continuing Education Weekends

Upcoming Retreats

Dream, Believe, EmergeA restful, dreamy retreat at Sky Island

DREAM it… BELIEVE in it …  and before you know it, you’ll EMERGE into someone new, someone truly aligned with what you picture when you close your eyes and dream. 

This Spring, as we explore our themes at the Storm, we’ve decided to take a deep dive into three in particular. Our Dream, Believe, Emerge This retreat is designed to help you find clarity and call to the surface anything that might be holding you back from believing in the beauty of your dreams. Join us at magnificent Sky Island for a weekend of yoga, meditation, journaling, nourishing foods and great conversation… and emerge a believer in making dreams come true.

June 11th-13th 2021 at Upper Black Eddy, PA

Learn More


Yogi(s)of the Month


Artist of the Month

NS Yogi(s) Of The Month- Jennifer & Donna

This month we have two incredible yogis, a beautiful pair that come together to each class to support each other. 

We started our Yoga journey a little over 2 years ago.  When we landed at Nourishing Storm, we knew we were among our people. From the owner, to the instructors to the students, we now have our tribe…


Calling Local Artists!

We love yoga, community + Art!

Nourishing Storm wants to give you a space where your beautiful work can shine. Become a Storm “Artist of the Month” and you can display, promote, and sell your artwork at our studio and café all month long. In addition, you can host an Art Show on the first Saturday of “your” month.

If you or someone you know is a local artist who wants to get noticed, please reach out to Kathy our Art Gallery Coordinator.

Hours of Operation

For yoga classes, check schedule

Cafe Closed

8:00am - 2:00pm

Drop Us a Line

Don't be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!


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