Becky Callen

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing for about 4 years now. It’s been a struggle to find how to incorporate the practice into my life until coming into nourishing storm where I feel comfortable and connected.


How did yoga find you?

A friend introduced me to it several years ago and it just spoke to me.  It came at a different time in my life but it laid the foundation I needed to incorporate it into my life now as a way to stay emotionally and physically balanced.


What is your favorite yoga pose?

Half moon . Always challenging and feels like a personal feat each time I get into it.


What would you say to a student thinking about starting yoga?

I can never say enough good things about yoga. It keeps me centered and balanced in all areas of my life. It helps me to connect to myself , others and the world around me . Not to mention the strengthening and building of muscles I didn’t even know I had. All around yoga is an intrical part of my new found lifestyle that keeps me happy , healthy and closer to inner peace from my personal demons.