DAncing in the Rain & Keeping our practice Strong!

Storm Virtual offerings 

Dear NS Tribe,
As a Storm Community, we have been learning to dance together in the rain over the past 8 years. Challenges (storms, as we call them) come up in our lives and we face them by going through them, sometimes dancing, sometimes crawling and sometimes by reaching out our hand when we need support. We are able to do all of this as a result of the practices that train us to be flexible (bending in the wind), balanced (staying centered and learning to balance life’s physical and emotional cycles), and strong as we remember who we truly are. 

In response to having to close our doors temporarily in March 2020, we quickly moved our weekly classes online using zoom and we amped up our online platforms so that students could take classes at any time. Our intention was to keep sharing yoga so that our community could continue dancing in the rain and keep their practices strong. 

We will continue to expand our online offerings as we come back stronger than ever with a plan to re-open our doors. Please stay tuned for new announcements!

Thank you all for your continued support and for being with us, wherever you may be! We are truly blessed to be able to connect together online and grow stronger as a community together. Your love and support mean everything – now more than ever! We look forward to the day we can open again and see you all in the studio and cafe. 

See you on the mat!

3 ways to practice …

LIVE Classes

Join us daily for live classes with teachers sharing the love from their homes via Zoom. Sign up 30 minutes ahead of time to get the link to join the class and/or get the recording after the class is over. Membership, Class Cards, First Month and Drop-ins are available, with some classes being offered by donation.

Pre-Recorded Classes & programs

Now offering pre-recorded classes and programs from Stormy 2 to enjoy anytime from your home! If you are new to Yoga, join our Yoga Begin Workshop. If you are new to NS and want to try one of our signature classes or you miss some of your favorite NS teachers, join us for Yoga Bliss, Yoga Calm, etc. Also newly launched is our 21 day detox program with 21 prompts to help you feel your best! You can pay as you go for each. Free for members. 

Storm TV

Our newest offering is Storm TV where you can find free recordings of meditations and sample classes. Also learn more about NS with intros to who we are and how we dance in the Storm. We are adding videos here every day! The live recorded classes are added to this channel at the end of each class as well. To get these videos simply sign up for a live class to get the private link to view any time after the class is over. All live recorded classes added here are available to members as well.

If you have questions on any of our classes and video offerings, please reach out directly to Kristin

With love and light, the NS Team



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