“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”

James A. Michener

How to practice with us from your home … 

1. First sign up for your class making sure you select the “VIRTUAL” option in the class title.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to join our Virtual Zoom Class.

3. Please arrive on Zoom at least 5 minutes ahead of time so our teacher can let you in and you can say hello to the teacher and rest of the class.

4. When class begins please mute yourself. Keeping your video on is recommended throughout class.

6. Any questions please email us.

Note- If you need to cancel class please do so within 2 hours of class time or you will be charged for class.

Best of luck and thank you for staying connected with us in this way!


Here are some helpful tips and links to get the best possible experience taking classes with us from home.

How to cast Zoom meetings to your TV

In order to play a Zoom meeting from a phone, tablet or computer on a TV, the two devices must be connected.  Once they’re connected simply start or join your meeting on your mobile device as normal and it will play on your TV.  If you have a smart TV this connection will be done wirelessly using wifi.  If your TV is not wifi enabled then you’ll need to connect using an HDMI cable or an external device such as ScreenBeam. Here are some links to videos showing each of these connection methods.  I’ve also included links to some specific products mentioned in these videos.

 Connecting iPhone/iPad (wired and wireless methods):





Connecting Android phone/tablet (wired and wireless methods):





Connect wirelessly with Android SmartView, Mirroring or Casting:




Connect using third party devices:

ScreenBeam device




Chromecast device




Other methods for casting Zoom meetings:

Cast Zoom using ChromeCast

Cast Zoom with Google play store apps (only works with smart TV)

Cast Zoom using HDNI connection


Here are links to some of the products mentioned in these videos:

ScreenBeam Wireless Receiver

Chromecast Doggle 

Android HDMI adapter

Apple HDMI adapter