Yoga Instructor 

Tina Kalnajs

Tina is a wife, mother, friend and lover of the outdoors. Her
journey to yoga began several years ago after she started to discover
meditation. She had stumbled upon a donation based class
offered at a local shop in Hatboro. Through that she was lead to the
steps of Nourishing Storm where my true awakening began to unfold.
Tina felt an instant connection with the people that she encountered. It was
like the universe said it was time. She let go of all my old preconceived
notions about yoga and jumped right in to the offer for unlimited yoga
for her first month. Soon she discovered the missing piece to her
“Awakening”. She also decided that because she had already made several
trips around the Sun that she would do the YTT “just to deepen
her practice.”  Again the stars lined up and she completed the course for
the 200hr training in April 2017. And she says  “what an amazing journey it has
been.” For Tina yoga is truly a practice when nurtured leads to so much
love, healing and growth. Peace Peace Namaste. 


Kristin is a very knowledgeable holistic wellness coach and mentor. I highly look up to her for vigor and really enjoy how much she strives to help people become the best version of themselves. By attending the Spiraling to Wellness workshops, reading the book and attending classes at Nourishing Storm I have found that yoga and journaling really works for me and has become a part of my daily routine. It has taught me to slow down and take time out for me. Yet, also has shown me how to still remain mindful of myself as well as remaining mindful to others. The book includes some short yoga flow routines and healthy recipes that you can do at home which are fun as well. The book is a beautiful and interesting read. - Michelle