Yoga Instructor 

Teresa Domene

Teresa was introduced to the healing arts in 2004 when she received her certificate in massage therapy after completing 550 hours of training. Though she did not pursue a career in massage therapy, her education started her on a journey for a deeper understanding of maintaining her health – mind, body and spirit. Teresa had been doing yoga on and off during this time of self discovery but it wasn’t until she joined Nourishing Storm a little over 2 years ago that it clicked with her that yoga is not just about the asana. It is a way of life.

This realization changed her life forever. She noticed when she strayed from her practice, the effects went beyond the mat and into her everyday. With this newfound knowledge of yoga’s far reaching holistic effects, she felt compelled to share this experience with anyone seeking balance in their lives.

She completed the 200 TT Program at NS. And although it is not her full time profession, she is grateful for every opportunity she has to create a space for others to find their connection on the mat so they too can experience the bliss of a regular yoga practice.

An avid gardener and amateur nature photographer, Teresa finds her center most easily when she is outdoors.

Kristin is a very knowledgeable holistic wellness coach and mentor. I highly look up to her for vigor and really enjoy how much she strives to help people become the best version of themselves. By attending the Spiraling to Wellness workshops, reading the book and attending classes at Nourishing Storm I have found that yoga and journaling really works for me and has become a part of my daily routine. It has taught me to slow down and take time out for me. Yet, also has shown me how to still remain mindful of myself as well as remaining mindful to others. The book includes some short yoga flow routines and healthy recipes that you can do at home which are fun as well. The book is a beautiful and interesting read. - Michelle