What I like most about yoga is that it is a journey.  There is no stress in practicing if you just remember that every day is a journey, and every class is an opportunity – to be present, to grow, to challenge yourself, and to take time to take care of yourself.  And, sometimes, taking time to take care of yourself is the challenge.

My whole life has been about a journey – always moving, changing jobs, changing environments, working to change my existing world.  I embrace that, but it can be overwhelming, and you can feel that your journey is going nowhere. Slowing down, and finding direction, is important on your journey, and I find that on the yoga mat.  Sometimes you think you are going nowhere, fast, and what you have to figure out is what is blocking you. I find that, on my yoga mat.

I have practiced yoga for a very long time, but when I first moved to Hatboro in 2005, my practice lapsed because I couldn’t find a local place that I liked.  When Nourishing Storm came to town and my husband John was also interested in checking out yoga for the first time, we went together, and both of us found a path – paths that cross but aren’t exactly the same.  As I’ve recommitted to practicing yoga in the past few years, the instructors at Nourishing Storm have really helped me take my practice deeper, to take my journey in new directions. The mindfulness incorporated into every class helps me to slow down and turn inward.  And I have loved the opportunity to go off in new yoga directions – yoga hikes, yoga dance!!

As a fairly shy person, I feel like I have found a welcoming community at Nourishing Storm. On my yoga journey, the yogis at Nourishing Storm are my guides, my source for inspiration and motivation, and my friends.