Root to Rise

Teacher Training

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Come train with us and learn to be the teacher you were always meant to be. Whether you want to teach in a studio or outdoors, to groups or individuals or even just to deepen your own practice, we are dedicated to helping you find your most authentic voice. Train in an open, warm space with instructors and staff that are passionate and teach from the heart.

Learning Objectives

To learn how to safely, effectively, and creatively lead yoga classes.
To connect with and grow your own yoga practice.
To expand your knowledge base of yoga, health and wellness, etc.
To express and share your passion for the practice in the most authentic ways.


Attend (or make up as instructed) all 200 hours in the program
Attend x 2 classes a week
Read required text for book discussions and report
Submit 10 observations
Commit to a home practice (Sadhana) x 3 a week
Daily meditation 5-10 minutes daily
Complete a final “chakra” project
Teach 2 community classes/assist 2


Aspects of Teaching
Becoming a Teacher
The Art of Adjusting
Intro to Finding your Niche
Specialty Classes: Kids Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Seniors/Chair Yoga
Business of Yoga
Principles of Vinyasa Flow
Anatomy as it relates to Yoga
Intro to the 8 limbs
The Origins of Yoga
Study of Traditional Texts
Code of Ethics for Teachers
Holistic Health
Outdoor Yoga
Creative Movement
Community Service
And so much more …


Kristin Ritter (RYT 500)
Megan Connolly (E-RYT 200)
Jacob Ellis (RYT 200)
Alissa Morris-Alexander (RYT 200)
Mindy Cassidy (RYT 200)
Stayce McMackin (RYT 200)
Trish Troilo (RYT 200)
Nikki Savage (Licensed Massage Therapist and Teacher)
And more Special Guest Instructors


Yoga Alliance accrediated

We are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete this approved training with us may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

 Next Training:

March 19th-September 4th 2021

(Fri 6:30-9pm; Sat + Sun 12-6pm)

March 19th-21st

April 2nd-3rd; 16th-18th; 30th

May 1-2; 14th-16th

June 4th-6th; 18th-19th

July 9th-11th; 23rd-25th

August 6th-8th; 20th-22nd

September 3rd-4th 

We are now accepting 9 students in our Spring Training. Attend our upcoming info session (January 23rd & February 28th 12-1pm)  or schedule a visit (online or in person) to apply:

Nourishing Storm was the best place for me to undergo my yoga teacher training. The instructors kept the group motivated and intrigued in all they had to teach us. I learned so much more than I ever expected and am excited to continue taking additional classes with them!


Graduated Spring 2020

I appreciated Nourishing Storm’s ability to adapt and think creatively, and safely, in order to ensure the training could continue during a pandemic. I completed the training with confidence and knowledge that will guide me as I continue to strengthen my practice and share it with others. Life changing!


Graduated Fall 2020

Nourishing Storm’s yoga teaching training invokes the true nature of yoga. The instructors are genuine, knowledgeable, and trustworthy guides to this journey and honor the uniqueness each yogi brings to the course and community. The change and transformation experienced during this program was magical and unfathomable; best decision and experience of my life to date! Extremely grateful to Nourishing Storm and its members for holding space, offering this course, and being an inspiration in the yoga world!


Graduated Fall 2020

Online Flex Training

Need more flexibility?! We are developing an online Teacher Training where you  can start anytime and progress through the training at your own pace. We will be including all the great curriculum that we have been offering in our live teacher trainings with additional ways to learn and share. We are excited to launch this online Flex program Spring of 2021!

Book a session to discuss program details.

About Your Lead Trainers

Kristin + Meg

Kristin & Meg met in 2009 working at a juice bar company. After only a few days of meeting they knew they would be always working together. In the summer of 2012 Kristin got her 200 hour Teacher Training after teaching as a Group Exercise teacher for 10 years and Meg followed shortly after at a different school. When Nourishing Storm got started in the fall of 2012 they started teaching together and within two short years they created the “Root to Rise” 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training program taking all they studied and learned from teaching and created a course they are truly proud and honored to teach. Over 60 students have graduated from the Storm and we hope when the call is coming for you, you will join us to become an NS Yoga Teacher. 



Making the investment in Nourishing Storm’s Teacher Training Program wasn’t even a question, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I wasn’t really sure where it would lead me, but I knew I could not go wrong. My fear was, am I actually good enough to teach? Can I walk the walk? I am not this mystical guru! I have so much to learn! I grew so much through my Teaching Training, and I continue to grow. I feel when you teach, there is absolutely a sense of vulnerability. I am showing you who I am. I had to come face to face with my insecurities… scary stuff! I realized what surrendering to what shows up on your mat means. Eventually it hit me… I am not teaching the students, the students are teaching me.

Kristin and Megan and the rest of the NS team supplied me with the tools, the rest is up to me.

Currently, I teach a Yoga Calm class at Nourishing Storm. I continue to learn and grow through that and my own personal practice.


Class of Spring 2016

Wandered into this new journey with full intent to deepen my practice. Teacher training certainly did that and much more! Working with animals for over 40 years I new I wanted to venture into practicing yoga with them and I actually do Doga!

As far as practicing with humans, something personally being a challenge to me, I’ve become very inspired by each yogi I meet. I love every day of being a teacher. Things just flow naturally and at times being so zen, words form from my heart and make me dance in my head! Thank you Nourishing Storm for building my confidence and soul.


Graduated Spring 2016

Kristin and Megan are awesome teachers who find the best in you and give you heartfelt support! I knew that at some point of my life I wanted to be a yoga teacher, but still when I decided to participate in teacher training I was nervous. I also questioned myself about if the timing was right. However, when I went through training with eight other amazing ladies and teachers, I felt empowered and inspired by them and the support system we built in our time together. I was able to grow as a person and find myself through our shared journey. Now I’m able to teach classes that bring love and power to my students’ hearts — just like what I felt from Nourishing Storm’s Yoga Teacher Training. I was able to join the Nourishing Storm teacher team right after graduating and I’m still here sharing my love of yoga. And they also give me space to share my love of art and mindfulness practice in the form of my very own “Mindfulness Art Workshop”.


Graduated Spring 2017



Pay in Full

$2875 (if paid in full by the start of the training)

Additional Benefits

Students have access to unlimited classes for 6 months during the training at no additional cost and will receive required NS training materials upon signing up. A few additional books will be required during the training. Events during the training will be 10% off.

Pay as you go

$3250 (paid by graduation)

$1000 deposit + 6 payments of $375

Custom payment plans offered + option to become a Storm Ambassador to pay some of your tutition.

300 hour Training & Continuing Education Weekends

Coming in 2021!

Hours of Operation

For yoga classes, check schedule

Cafe Closed

8:00am - 2:00pm

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