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Reiki Shares

A Reiki Share or Reiki Circle is the gathering of healers and Reiki Practitioners who come together with the intention of sharing healing Life Force Energy known as Reiki.

Our Reiki Shares are open to the public in a comfortable, casual, friendly environment and begins with a brief introduction on the subject of Reiki. Those receiving Reiki are fully clothed, and may sit in a chair, or recline on yoga mats and blankets. The experience of Life Force Energy from the Reiki Practitioners and healers are for the highest good of the recipient and experiences may differ, as each are unique as the recipient.


By donation.

Check event schedule for upcoming dates. 

Healing Energy

Reiki + Shamanic Energy Healing

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, that includes you and everything around you. Reiki is life force energy. It flows in you and all around you. With added Shamanic Energy Healing it may open up the body and enable you to remove blockages that have built up over years of repressed emotion and negative thought patterns. By blending both together you have a powerful, yet gentle healing experience. There is always time afterwards for discussion, grounding and sometimes homework may be given.


Private Reiki Session:

45 minutes- $55

60 minutes- $70

Group Healing Session:

60 minutes- $35/per person in a group of 2 or more

Get Trained

Reiki Training Level 1 

Reiki I Certification: You will learn the history of Reiki, how it works, when to use it and how to use it. Included is an introduction to the basic hand positions for yourself and others. By the end of this certification you will be ready to start giving Reiki sessions for yourself, your family, friends, and pets!

Anyone can be initiated Reiki 1. At this level you are permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki energy frequency. The First Degree (Reiki 1) is the foundation for all three levels of attunements. Each Reiki practitioner will receive a manual along with an official Usui Reiki 1 Certificate.

Next training:

Coming soon.


$250/person (limited to 4 people)

About Megan

Reiki Master

Megan began her yoga journey at a young age and, as many find, doing yoga reduced stress and anxiety from day-to-day life. She continued to have a steady practice but then fell away from it as she created a new path with Graphic Design and Marketing.

Inspired by friend, co-worker and owner Kristin, she deepened her study of asana and healing at Yogasphere Newtown and completed her RYT-200HR in 2014. Megan is also a certified Reiki Practitioner, receiving Level 1 at Yogasphere and Level 2 with Ellen Carey.

Eager to move forward, Megan’s role a Nourishing Storm expanded from Designer to Yoga Instructor to Juice Bar Gal. You can find her happily whipping up smoothies and healing bites to serve up and co-leading 200HR Teacher Training.

Her teaching style is joyful and healing, bringing elements of pranayama, meditation, mantra, reiki, movement and alignment and if called to, the use of her energy cards to help bring further guidance to those needing it!

She has striven to bring in the healing, restorative side of yoga to the community and is currently leading Reiki Shares at Nourishing Storm. Megan is available for private instruction in asana, guided relaxation, meditation and reiki.

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