Yoga Instructor

Rachel Joyce

“Body is the bow, asana is the arrow, and the soul is the target.” – Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar

Rachel has often said Yoga saved her life. In her temple (yoga practice), she found refuge during her darkest and desperate hours. By staying in her temple, or devotion to the practice, she has become more than her suffering. Little by little, moment by moment, pose by pose, breath by breath, she achieved empowerment. She believes we can heal, we can build, we can love, we can connect, and we can unite through the power of practice. 

Around 2009 Rachel took her first yoga classes. She was dedicated at times, and other times, the vrttis (waves) of her life carried her to-and-from the practice. In 2016 after an injury sustained from boxing training, her asana practice intensified, and along with it an exploration into the entire 8 limbs of yoga. In 2018 she completed her 200-hour Vinhyasa training at Brooklyn Yoga Project to become an RYT. Halfway through her training, she knew her yoga education must continue – it must be focused on classical yoga and it must be immersive, the entire focus of her time. 

After leaving the intensity of New York City life, Rachel spent the majority of 2019 absorbed in sādhanā (study) with long-time practitioners and master teachers. Every place she lived and visited, she deepened her training. She spent three months in India studying the history, culture, and practices of Yoga across different regions. Six of these weeks were in Pune, home to Iyengar Yoga, observing and practicing under Gulnaaz Dashti, a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and disciple of Geeta Iyengar. Rachel is currently being mentored by Holly Walck Kostura, Senior CIYT, to become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. 

Rachel’s yoga offerings are rooted in the classical style of Iyengar, the playfulness of Vinyasa, and the deep yet subtle energy work of Yin.