Our Story

May 2008– Kristin and Megan met- this is quite a story, but you will have to come meet them to get the full story!

(Fast forward 4+ years … the two spent all their working hours gathering great experiences producing marketing and education for a wonderful whole foods company- Simple Again in Pottstown, PA)

July 2012– a storm started brewing with thoughts of yoga, nourishing foods, passionate people (who love what they do and do what they love), a healing space to gather…

August 2012– Kristin and Megan met on a stormy night to come up with the Nourishing Storm concept and logo (you see, it always rained and stormed when these two met, one of the many reasons for the name). From here, Megan took the lead in design, using her amazing talents to cultivate all things happy and creative while Kristin started her journey with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a Holistc Health Coach!

September 2012– This is when the two met Jay, owner of Moy Yat Kung Fu in Hatboro to talk about offering yoga classes at his beautiful studio … with just a few requests, classes started a week later! Kristin took the lead with organizing and developing what soon came to be a full schedule of classes, workshops and events- all yoga and food inspired!

(fast forward about 2 + years, building the most beautiful yoga community built with you guessed it, passionate people- both students and teachers)

September 2014 – Kristin and Megan were hanging at their favorite Hatboro health store doing yoga demos when the owner Bonnie told them about the space that opened just next door- they took a peek in and started seeing stars (at 11:11)!

November 2014 (at 11:11am on 11/11) to be precise- Kristin signed the lease for the first Nourishing Storm Yoga Studio, BIG LEAP!

(fast forward 1 year+ having so much fun sharing the practice of yoga and healthy eating with an incredible, growing community and team)

May 2015– Kristin started dreaming of french doors that connected the yoga studio to a cafe, a space to gather for local foods, art and music!

August 2015– Kristin signed the lease to the new “Cafe” and started to gather a team to design, build, and grow this new space full of infinite possibilities- a BIGGER LEAP!!!

October 2015 -“Food Day” the NS team opened the french doors to a cafe to complete the original mission “harmony with yoga & food.” The new venture was so graciously received by Hatboro and the surrounding communities. This was the day they started their first 200 Yoga Teacher Training program too!!!

June 2016 to present day– The Nourishing Storm team made of over 20 instructors, juice bar gals and storm ambassadors are having more fun that ever, doing what they love and loving what they do!

On the horizon, traveling yoga retreats to where the wind takes us, stay tuned!

Thus became Nourishing Storm, a wellness company that offers Yoga & Food inspired weekly classes, monthly events, private and group sessions, parties, and a whole foods cafe serving up organic and local healing foods. The Nourishing Storm Yoginis and Foodies are passionate, dedicated and so excited to meet you!