Ommm Healing Journeys- Calm

Healing Journeys:  Calm ~ Before, After and Within the Storm




Calm down  


Let it settle now.


Calm down into a piece of stillness


There in peace or chaos


Found in the steady drumming of life in our chests

Our pulse true to the flow.


Calm down 


Sync into the rise and fall of the breath


Emptying and filling us with life and living


And all things sacred, profane and ordinary.


All things moving in and out


All things here and gone just the same.


The calm stays still


In the spaces between our strength and softness


Between our struggle and surrender


Where we are both held and free.

– by Nikki Savage

Nikki writes and illustrates the theme posts for the  Storm which is also home to her healing practice. See more of her writing at