Ommm Healing Journeys- Bliss

bliss is

  dissolving into love,

       reuniting it with the flow of the present,

 outside the existence of time.

                 fluid and still.

 always there in each moment,

      waiting for our abandon.


 bliss is

   being absorbed into that flow

        of Life distilled into its purest forms

            out of Light and tear drops. 

     where no boundaries need defending.

 where there is space for us All.


 bliss is

    being carried by the Winds of Grace

 to the core of the Truth of our Being.

    at the Truth of all Being.

         that Love. Is.

        and I. Am.

– by Nikki Savage

Nikki writes and illustrates the theme posts for the  Storm which is also home to her healing practice. See more of her writing at