I like to compare finding yoga to finding love…. both find you when you are not looking. In my case, yoga found me five months ago. At the time, I did not realize what an impact yoga would have on my life, and how it would shape me into the person I am today.

Prior to joining Nourishing Storm, I practiced yoga through a course at Temple University. During this course, I had the opportunity to learn about the eight limbs of yoga in conjunction with practicing Ashtanga yoga. However, upon the course concluding, I did not continue my practice. I had always been more focused on building/toning muscle through lifting and neglected what was truly right for my body in terms of exercise.

At the end of my sophomore year of college, I decided to stop lifting and try a yoga in an effort to change up my exercise routine. However, I found more than a means of exercising. Yoga has taught me a great deal about what it means to be aware of both your mind and body. In addition, it has allowed me to grow, to challenge myself, and express myself in a new way. Further, my yoga practice has made me more mindful not only of myself but others.

The people at Nourishing Storm have helped me deepen my practice and have supported me on my yoga journey. I have had the opportunity to experiment with meditation and create mantras to keep in mind throughout my day. These mantras have helped me reflect and ask the universe for what I need. I am beyond grateful for finding Nourishing Storm and all the people I have met along my journey. – Natalie