The moment I met Kristin Ritter I knew there was something extraordinary about her.  So after attending a few of Kristin’s yoga classes I wanted more and asked her for some personal coaching to help me take off excess weight.  Kristin’s amazing instincts and skillful probing quickly put me in touch with the root of my insecurity, long held fears that had nothing to do with my waist size.  Her deep understanding and broad knowledge of holistic health and human psychology soon set me on my path to healing. While reading the pages of Spiraling to Wellness I relived those memorable coaching sessions and once again felt the love, compassion, wisdom and inspiration that flow so freely from the heart and mind of this beautiful human being."

- John

Take a pause, a breath and breathe it all in for this moment is your life. Ask yourself  in this moment if you are living the life you are being called to live.

Do you want to stand in your power?

Do you want to do the work you love and love what you do?

Do you want to feel stronger, healthier? Do you want to go deeper, feel more connected to yourself, to others?

Do you want to climb that mountain and rise to the top?

If so I invite you to be open to receiving all the support you need to move mountains that you are being called to move, to do what others either have not done or say can not be done.


I believe we all have the power to create great change and do the things we dream about, but sometimes it is necessary to have a support team to help awaken us, build strength, gather tools, create a clear vision to do what is set out in front of us to do.

I am a yoga teacher (and student), a mom, a leader, a holder of space (yoga studio and cafe), a lover of nature and life, a traveler, an adventurer and even more then all that a mentor that LOVES helping others find their path and do what they feel called to do while staying balanced with work/home/health, enjoying the ride, and seeing so much beauty along the way!

I am excited that you landed here and even more so to talk with you.

Move Mountains

About Your Coach

Master of Science in Business & Marketing, RYT 500 + Holistic Health Coach

Kristin received her training as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. During her training, she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills from IIN, along with over 500 dedicated hours of Yoga Training, and starting/running businesses for the past 17 years she works in private and group sessions, helping clients find their authentic selves by setting goals and action steps that align with their true nature, providing a wealth of support and love along the way.

When she is not working with clients in the studio she is traveling throughout the country helping entrepreneurs start and run their juice bars + wellness businesses. She believes that with the right passion, support and a healthy foundation in health, home and work- anything and everything is possible. 


  • Finding your niche
  • Bringing your dream/vision to life
  • Balance with home/work
  • Fueling up throughout your day and for life!
  • Strong body and mind
  • Leadership and how to grow a solid team
  • Love the work you do, do the work you love
  • Be fearless in your pursit(s)
  • Power and practice to manifest
  • Creating a meaningful home practice
  • Develping a deeper connection with those you love and life!
  • Finding beauty at every turn
  • and more!

Choose your path …


  • Connection with your relationships, nature, life
  • Greater clarity in your purposeful work
  • Balance with home/work/health- this is key!
  • A strong body, heart and mind
  • Courage to set out and well, move mountains
  • Inspiration to live the life you dream, truly
  • And of course, accountability and lots of tools and support along the way!!
  • Then I believe this program is for you, but just to be sure let’s chat. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

8 week Expeditioners mentorship program: $499

4 individual sessions/1.5 hours each (meeting about once every 2 weeks)

$75 off if you pay in full + for a limited time get 2 months of unlimited yoga for free to go along with coaching.

Trail Blazers

  • Desire/Vision mapping
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Hiring, Training and retaining a rocking/reliable staff
  • Serving happy (for your customers and in your own life)
  • Creating Community + a thriving business
  • And of course doing work you love, you are good at and that to which is good for the world
  • Basically you get everything with the Individual Coaching + we add a layer of expanding for building and/or growing your business.

6 months Trail Blazers mentorship Program: $1499

12 individual sessions/1.5 hour each

Save $100 if paid in full + for a limited time get 3 months of unlimited yoga at the Storm with coaching.

300 hour Teacher Training

  • Go deeper in your style of teaching
  • Learn new approaches and methods to effectively inspire your students
  • Explore new ways to teach in the studio, outdoors, your community and beyond
  • To have one on one + group support in creating the kind of business/life you want to create
  • To step into the kind of teacher you know you are meant to be

In this program you get everything with the Individual Coaching + Entrepreneur plus training for the Move Mountains 300 hour teacher training*.

*To do this program you must have your 200 hour teacher training certification from Nourishing Storm “Root to Rise” or another Yoga Alliance certifying school.

One Year 300 TT mentorship Program: $4400 (coming January 2020)

24 individual sessions/1.5 hour each (we meet twice a month)

Includes unlimited yoga at the Storm for one whole year.

NS teacher from the 200 hour program get 10% off and/or paid in full $3960

How it works:

We meet on online (over skype, zoom) or in person at the Storm (Hatboro, PA)

We set days/times and frequency for our meetings  (weekly, monthly, etc.)

You practice and apply everything we talked about in between sessions.

At our sessions we ask questions, go deep, set goals, practice the tools and show up

And of course, together we then, move mountains!


All coaching packages booked get a free copy of  Spiraling to Wellness Layer 1 or 2,  a journal by Kristin Ritter that asks powerful questions and provides inspiration in the way of awareness, movement and nutrition, three transformative paths to wellness.