Kristin_288x200Teaching Style/Method: Vinyasa Flow Yoga  
Favorite Quote:
“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
What made you want to teach yoga? 
In yoga there is no right or wrong, no place you have to be other then where you are. The practice of yoga can bring you closer to what you are looking for (i.e. balance, flexibility, strength, peace, etc.) and often times, the practice can transform your world much beyond the mat!
What is your favorite yoga pose?
There are so many to choose, but I especially love balancing in half moon, flying in crow, and soaking in pigeon.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out Yoga?
Let your practice meet you exactly where you are. Be patient, be open and enjoy every moment.
Sunday: Yoga Flow 10am (Moy Yat), Yoga Bliss 4:30pm (Sanctum, starts March 23rd)
Monday: Yoga Release 8:30am (Moy Yat), Yoga Flow (Sanctum, starts March 24th)
Tuesday: Yoga Flow 6:00am (Moy Yat)
Wednesday: Yoga Flow 7:45pm (Moy Yat)
Friday: Yoga Storm 6:30pm (Moy Yat)
Saturday: Yoga Hike 10:00am (Pennypack, starts March 22nd)
Upcoming Workshops:
Friday March 21st, 7:30pm: 108 Sun Salutations (Moy Yat)
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