Therapeutic Integrative Bodywork

These sessions begin with some light energy work to help the nervous system settle into rest and digest.  Then using various techniques including Swedish, Vedic Thai, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and other modalities I’ve studied, I work to create space for the body to relax. These sessions are not available to new male clients outside of the Nourishing Storm Community.


60 minutes: $75; 90 minutes: $105  

New Client, Regular Monthly Client and Nourishing Storm member special: 90 minutes for $85


Intuitive Energy 

These sessions are designed to help the body and mind reconnect with a focus on the subtle sides of our body systems.  I utilize various energetic modalities including CranioSacral, Marma Point Therapy, and Reiki (Level II Practitioner) as well as light Swedish, Thai and rocking to help facilitate the flow.  I also share any intuitive images and messages received during the session. The client remains clothed and no massage oils are used.  Sessions run about 60-70 minutes.


$75 per session

New Client, Regular Monthly Client and Nourishing Storm member special: $65


Sinus Session 

These are designed for the stuffy headed and focus on working the tissue around the sinuses to help them to drain.  Essential oils can be requested that help stimulate the immune response.  


20 minutes:  $20

Existing Clients and Nourishing Storm members: $15


Energy Reboot

A short version of the Intuitive Energywork, sessions focus on the upper body and points in the face, neck and scalp.  Designed to help self care fit into even the busiest of schedules.


30 minutes:  $30

Existing clients and Nourishing Storm members: $25

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