“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”
-Mary Anne Radmacher

What an amazing few years I have had, my 30’s have been good.  I am starting to really feel like I am breaking through and becoming who I was meant to become… to make a difference and help others live well- but this quest, I have to confess, has been quite a journey. It took getting burnt out, failing many times trying to be everything for everyone, to finally realizing that I needed to start listening to the little voice in my head telling me “I need to be me first, than I can truly be there for everyone else.” That was a hard lesson for me, but I dug deep and got back to the roots that made me feel whole and alive again- Yoga & Food.
I made some hard decisions and moved some things around, literally. I invested in myself by getting 200 hours of Yoga training (200 hours of life changing “me” time) … and with all this momentum and creative efforts from my lovely partner Megan (Nourishing Storm’s Director of Happiness and Design), came a business that we can truly start to help other people. The momentum continued to the end of the year as I enrolled in a program to be a holistic health coach, where by the end of 2013, we can complete our offerings of Yoga & Food coaching, I figure we will be unstoppable in 2013 in helping people live well and hopefully encourage others to go after what they were meant to become.
But it really takes ignoring that second voice that tells you “I can’t do it” and all those people in your life that may say the same thing in so many other words (we all know we have a few of these blessed gems). It takes making a “not to do list” (as suggested by the founder of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal) and start to really focus on the “me” factor and look at what would truly make you feel fulfilled, healthy and happy.  It is a new year, the best time to look at the year past to see who you are and to look ahead and see who you want to become. Alas, what comes out of this inward focus is a fantastic opportunity for growth.
Looking back: I encourage you to see the positives the past year has brought. Whether it be a new home or addition to your family, time spent with loved ones since passed to time spent with yourself, advancing your studies and personal growth to offering help to those in need. These are all moments of great connection and seeds planted that you will continue to live out for years to come.
Looking forward: I encourage you to look deep, really take the time to realize and listen to that little voice that keeps calling you to do your life’s work. Whether it be start a new family, write a book, quit that lousy job, travel, be more open and loving, risk and really live every day as if there may be no other.
To truly be happy, healthy and fulfilled we have to know where we are and where we want to go, set the intention and work on it every day. So let’s get started on those resolutions! Here is my list, maybe this will encourage you to borrow, share or edit and create your own list.

  • Wake up with a warm glass of water with lemon- truly nourishing each cell in your body!
  • Be a student- Read a motivating book, article, post at least 15 minutes a day- never stop learning.
  • Smile as much as you can- even to perfect strangers- it is sooo contagious and make running all those errands so much more bearable when you can make someone’s day.
  • Take time to listen and understand before you think about a response- leave your judgments out and simply the friend that is needed in every situation.
  • Love deeply to all living beings, even yourself-look to nature for encouragement and guidance.
  • Wake up 15 minute early and sit quietly to breathe and reflect upon your day- hard to do at first, but soon it will be the best part of your day!
  • Do something that scares you every day (this is a good one and could change your world)!
  • Eat more fresh fruit and veggies (Organic and local when possible)- all of the nutrients that your body thrives on are found in these wonder foods.
  • Get moving- find something you love- biking, walking, yoga, swimming, dancing… and get going!
  • Get a Journal and write about what you are grateful for in your life everyday- you will be amazed!
  • Take a new class- something you maybe have been curious about or something you know nothing about … you will be more rounded and open to more possibilities!
  • And most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself- we often are our hardest critic- it is okay to take a break, love yourself for who you are … and then get back to the real work.

Maybe you focus on one a month- or all each day, it is your year, but I do encourage you to take time and write down real things you can do to work towards your wellness resolution. Here is to you filling yourself and those around you with joy, love and peace and moving forward with all of your dreams with courage, grace and zest!  Enjoy the journey wellness seekers- make it a good year!
Happy New Year, with love, the Nourishing Storm Team