It’s been just about one year since I graduated from Nourishing Storm’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program. I remember feeling so apprehensive and ill-prepared as my first meditation class approached.

Of course this was nothing more than the butterflies of nervousness attacking a lifelong introvert before his first performance. The truth is that Kristin Ritter and Megan Connolly had thoroughly prepared me for this new journey. I had everything I needed to succeed except for self-confidence. But this would come with experience. Since that first class, I have taught many more, including meditation, vinyasa, yin, yoga begin and even our teens class. With each one my confidence gets stronger. Fortunately for me, my teaching experience has come at Nourishing Storm where I can take these tentative early steps along my teaching path while being bathed in the light and grace of this most nurturing environment.

Also fortunately for me, I reached a point in my previous career where I was able to retire from the 40 hour per week grind of chasing dollars. So now I can devote my time and energy to pursuing this new adventure which satisfies my soul exponentially more than any amount of cash ever could. I’ve settled nto a new routine where I spend most days at the Storm, teaching, taking classes and hanging out at the café. Being part of this community has provided me with a deep sense of camaraderie and fulfillment. My heart bursts forth with love for all my Storm friends! I ask you, how lucky can a guy get?

Perhaps best of all, my new lifestyle keeps me in close proximity to Kristin, my forever teacher. A year ago I worried I’d learned everything I could from this woman who I’d come to admire and respect so much. As it turns out, we had barely begun my education. I am continually learning under Kristin’s tutelage. She is not only patient with my questions and generous with her advice, but she always serves as a shining example for me to follow. I have learned so much of the subtleties and nuances of being a teacher, a student, a yogi, a compassionate human being, from simply watching her. And soon, I will be starting Nourishing Storm’s brand new 300 Hour Teachers Training! Is it any wonder why I love this place? Once again I ask, how lucky can one guy get!?