Jennifer & Donna

These two incredible yogis come together to every class so it only made sense to make them our Yogis of the Month together!

“We started our Yoga journey a little over 2 years ago.  When we landed at Nourishing Storm, we knew we were among our people. From the owner, to the instructors to the students, we now have our tribe.  Attending with Donna makes me accountable and I feel fulfilled with my progress because I was not especially athletic nor dedicated to fitness.  Having a yoga buddy makes each class enjoyable…especially since Donna is the funniest, most positive person!  When COVID hit, Donna and I were devastated to think we would not be able to practice.  Kristin immediately came up with a plan and along with all of the instructors, they began the Virtual Classes.  Donna and I participated in all of our virtual classes together.  If we were unable to attend when the class was live, we would schedule a time that we could do the class “together” from the online link and would text each other “OK – START THE VIDEO!!”.  Donna is a true friend and support, and with all of our family at Nourishing Storm, we stay engaged and motivated!” – Jennifer

“We have been practicing yoga for a little over two years.  Our first month of practice was at a different studio a little further from home.  I am so happy that we found our way to Nourishing Storm.  Jen and I not only show up for ourselves, but also to support each other.  The sense of community, the fun loving atmosphere and the wonderful new friendships I have found here is why I stay.

Each class is different and unique and I find that the one I am in at that very moment is my favorite.  I love them all for different reasons.  There is not one thing I would change about any of the classes or any of the instructors.  They are all amazing, which is why it is so easy for me to show up four nights a week to spend time doing something just for me.  That and the fact that it is just a great feeling overall walking into a studio that is so welcoming.  Knowing that Jen will always be there to greet me with a smile and with a “love you” on the way out makes it even better.

Through yoga I have found strength, flexibility and incidentally my core!  Through Nourishing Storm I have found my happy place. ” – Donna