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‎”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

A little about us:

We are all beginners.

We begin new each day.

We are passionate and we teach from the heart.

We aim to create a soft door to walk through and a safe space to grow your practice.

We are here to help you reach all of your wellness goals.

With all beginnings there is always a starting point, and if we are willing to take the first step into the unknown, there is potential for incredible growth.

If you are new to our studio and/or to yoga, we offer many classes that are great starting points for beginners, here are some options.

We can’t wait to meet you!

get to know us

First Month Unlimited: $45

Get to know us with one month of unlimited classes to meet all our instructors and see what classes fit your schedule.  At the end of your first month, we can determine together whether continuing with a membership (starts at $77 a month, works well if you come to 2 or more classes per week), class card (offering 5-20 class pass options) or drop in works best for you.

30 days of unlimited classes
1 Yoga Begin workshop- offered last Saturday of the month (or online anytime).
30 minute health and wellness consultation

come on in!

New to Yoga Package: $120

Begin your exploration of yoga gently and learn to avoid creating excess tension or strain along the way by meeting privately with one of our experienced yoga instructors and coaches.  Receive a sequence of prescriptive poses designed just for you to practice at home and get your body and mind ready to begin in any class.  And then ease your way into classes with a series of beginner classes.

1 Private Session
1 Yoga Begin workshop- offered last Saturday of each month (or online anytime).
30 days of unlimited classes

1 hour health and wellness consultation

Join us online

Have you heard about all the great benefits of yoga, but you are not sure where to BEGIN? Flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation- yoga can provide all of these wonderful benefits while creating a beautiful connection to the self and all those around you. In this workshop, students will learn a series of basic poses, breathing techniques and sequences so that they can feel confident to practice in most any yoga class or on their own. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.

Take the course online anytime, anywhere!

I began practicing yoga after feeling I needed to incorporate exercise and more positive energy in my life and daily routine. While I have engaged in “traditional” exercise routines, I had never tried yoga before. The instructors and fellow students at Nourishing Storm welcomed me, and my journey began.

As we practice together, I am also appreciative of how the peace and calm that pervades each class helps to focus me on my own inner peace, well-being and positive energy.


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