Yoga Instructor 

Erin Hummel

“When the body has been so magnificently and artistically created by God, it is only fitting that we should maintain it in good health and harmony by the most excellent and artistic science of yoga.” – Geeta Iyengar 

 Erin is new to the practice of yoga but not to the knowledge of its influence and benefits to health and wellness.  As a holistic-minded Registered Nurse, Erin is passionate about educating and encouraging colleagues to dig deeper and find the root cause of discomfort and disease to receive lasting healing. After receiving her 200Hr RYT training, advocating the practice of yoga will be one more excellent evidence-based tool in her holistic health tool belt.  
As a wife and mama of four beautiful little ones, Erin desires to “teach as lead” by incorporating yoga around the home as a celebration of life; a way to cultivate health and happy all at once.  She is determined to plant the seeds of faith, and the practice of movement and breath within the individuals entrusted to her, as they grow deeply rooted in a rapidly transforming world.  
Erin enjoys photography and seeking small, daily adventures with her family (and capturing the memories through pictures).  She pours herself into lifelong learning- always seeking new information and skills to embody the knowledge into applicable practice.  Her favorite classes at Nourishing Storm are: All of them! But her go-to’s include: YogaAlign, 30 min. lunchtime Mindful Movement, and Yoga Hike.  
“The most excellent and artistic science of yoga” has proven instrumental in deepening faith, strengthening the body (four kids- hello!), transforming thought patterns, cultivating balanced emotions, expressing creativity, and connecting with loved ones and community.   Erin hopes to meet you soon, whether practicing alongside as a fellow student or teaching as lead during her Sunday morning Yoga BLISS.