Yoga has helped me to learn to stay still and to slow down.

Its practice has helped me to  remember to let go of things and really rest.

Its application has helped me to feel physically and mentally stronger, more balanced as well as increase my flexibility. It has definitely helped w the ease  at which my body moves.

Nourishing Storm Studio instructors are willing to offer a helping hand when needed.  The times I step onto the mat for class, the experience is different and is continually changing. I love this bc I feel   like a student for the first time each and every time. I love this because allows me to be continually challenged and to constantly grow. The encouragement here, from both the instructors and the community of the class environment, is true and good.

It’s regular practice, especially here at the studio, has definitely allowed me to feel willing and open to try something new, and confident that if I fail I have the support.  And, it’s really, really fun and when I leave I feel stronger  both mental and physically.