Yoga Instructor

Dana Miller

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley 
Dana is an adventurous traveler, a graduate student, and a yogi. Dana believes in spreading love and positivity throughout her journey both on and off the mat. She emphasizes the importance of self love through nourishing the body (with healthy, earth friendly foods of course) and the mind. Dana first stepped on the mat about 6 years ago, but has been teaching for a little less than a year, as she just finished her teacher training at The Storm in the Fall of 2020! 
When Dana is not doing yoga, journaling, or spending time with her dog Honey, she is hard at work as a Therapeutic Support Staff, helping kids with behavioral and learning deficits or studying away for her graduate courses at New York University. Dana is studying to be a mental health and wellness counselor and eventually hopes to open her own wellness center.