My name’s Dan, and I am a recovering alcoholic.

I first signed up at Nourishing Storm in July 2017, to try to impress a girl.  I would go to class on and off, but not really know what I was doing or why I was doing it.  It wasn’t until November 2017, when I got sober, that I realized what yoga was, and how much it can help me. The breath work and stretching has helped me a lot in the gym as well as relax and calm down.  Yoga has brought balance back to my life.

Reiki Shares with Megan is my favorite thing to do at Nourishing Storm.  It has done wonders for me getting in touch with my spiritual side and is a huge part of my recovery.  I leave every session feeling better and more inspired.

I’m a shy person and never really feel like I fit in.  I’m also not your typical yoga person.  However, Kristin and Megan, and all the teachers at Nourishing Storm, have welcomed me with open arms.  I love coming here and feel better every time I leave.