Beginner Classes

Yoga Calm

Yoga CALM takes you gently through mindful postures and sequences of movement that are safe and accessible to anyone from beginner to seasoned yogi. The goal of this class is to promote relaxation, harmony and inner peace and to experience what true CALM really feels like.

Yoga Restore

Perfect for all levels, Yoga RESTORE brings YOU back. This restful practice, designed to restore the mind, body and spirit, includes postures fully supported by props. Students will be guided to relax into each pose to feel renewed and RESTORED.

Yoga Align

Yoga ALIGN can be thought of as a reset of body and mind. This classical and holistic approach to yoga begins with breathing exercises (pranayama) to create awareness within the body. Each gentle pose that follows works with the breath to deepen and re-ALIGN that connection. It is a perfect beginner’s class for learning pranayama and a way to deepen a yoga practice for the more experienced.

Yoga Slow Flow

Yoga Slow FLOW is a satisfying journey of slow and mindful transitions from one pose to another, requiring sustained control and concentrated effort. The class is designed to help promote personal power and strength in the mind, body and spirit. This is a great class for anyone starting a Vinyasa Flow or for those that want to slow things down and savor the FLOW!

Yoga Support

Yoga can be for everyone, regardless of physical limitations. This class offers all the benefits of a yoga class…just with a little extra SUPPORT. Using chairs (as seats or support), you can expect to move through gentle poses that will enhance flexibility, improve strength and increase physical awareness while creating harmony among mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Love

LOVE connects us all… and the focus of this class is the all-important aspect of self-love. Through the practices and art of guided meditation, poetry, pranayama (breathing), journaling, gentle asana & vinyasa flows and restorative poses, together we’ll seek the thread of connection, joy and, of course, LOVE. All levels welcome.

Yoga Breathe

Yoga BREATHE focuses on the essential role breath plays as an anchor in centering our mind, body and spirit. Breath by breath, this class can help alleviate stress and promote inner peace and restful sleep while creating a stronger yoga practice. We explore breathing practices (Pranayama), which are woven throughout the asanas and sequences. All you have to do is BREATHE. All levels welcome.

Yoga begin

Are you curious about the benefits of yoga, but don’t know where to BEGIN? This class is for you. Through a series of basic yoga poses, breathing techniques, and movement sequences, you will quickly discover how yoga increases flexibility and strength and fosters a sense of peace and wellness. Absolutely no experience is necessary. All levels are welcome, from first timers to anyone wanting to get back to the basics.


Mixed Level Classes

Yoga Bliss

It’s the best of both worlds. Yoga BLISS is a blend of fluid yoga sequences and relaxing, restorative poses. In this class, you will flow through a medium-paced vinyasa, ending with a series of longer held seated postures… all the while linking breath with movement. Yoga BLISS centers on bringing awareness to all the sensations in the body, promoting inner peace and BLISS. All levels welcome.

Yoga Flow

Yoga FLOW is a more intense sequence of yoga postures linked to breath. It is focused on building strength, flexibility, and balance while creating space within the body. Through invigorating and fun sun salutations, hip openers, balance poses, backbends, inversions and more, students can expect to feel stronger and more balanced. Are you ready to FLOW through any day?

Yoga Spirit

For those looking to go beyond Asana, Yoga SPIRIT is a soul-soothing journey that will leave you feeling restored, peaceful and full of SPIRIT. The class is held in circular formation as students go through a meditation, guided reading and affirmations, followed by fun and fulfilling partner poses that promote connection and expansion. All levels welcome.

Yoga Strong

Mindful transitions, sustained control, and concentrated effort make Yoga STRONG an irresistibly challenging class. The focus is less on the destination and more on the journey. Students tap into both inner and outer strength to build endurance, promote personal power, and learn to gracefully move through the world, both on and off the mat.

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