Yoga Instructor

Angela Ucci

Angela discovered the magic of yoga in her early twenties, after losing 120 lbs and developing a friendship with her body. With weight loss came her understanding of the important role nutrition and movement play in how we think, feel and behave. She felt a responsibility to share with others the knowledge she adopted on her journey and decided to become a health coach. In doing so, she came alive with fulfilment, purpose and love as she recognized her higher calling to help others help themselves. But a piece of the puzzle was missing.

That’s when the grace of yoga touched her life.

Struggling with depression and anxiety, Angela tried many forms of therapeutic recovery, but it was inside the four corners of the yoga mat where she found exceptional healing. Yoga quickly became a non-negotiable part of her life, because “It was the one thing that truly brought me peace of mind, body and soul.”

In three years of consistent practice, Angela would experience continuous breakthroughs of spiritual bliss, unconditional self-love, energetic upgrades and unrelenting joy through her yoga practice. Knowing that others were seeking what she found on the mat, she began to feel an intuitive nudge that it was time to take her health coaching to a new level and become a yoga instructor. Immediately following her 200-hour training, she started teaching.

Angela’s goal is to cultivate a practice for her students that give themselves permission to be in the experience of their own body, free of judgement or comparisons. With components of meditation, pranayama and movement, Angela’s vinyasa flow teaching style offers both softness and strength to all levels. She invites a conversation with one’s body, marrying breath with the asana, and bringing awareness to the sensations of alignment. “I never want them to get caught up in how a pose should look. It’s not about getting your heels to the ground in downward dog. It’s about the integration of breath and attention, in relation to the pose, to provide the student with healing and presence.” Angela is dedicated to creating a class environment for her students to feel safe, nourished, resilient and refreshed in their practice. 

She lives in belief that her practice extends beyond the mat, and carries the foundational elements of yoga throughout other areas of life, including her writing and time spent with her clients as a level-two reiki practitioner.

Angela looks forward to meeting you on the mat. More importantly, she is excited for you to meet yourself there!