I began my love affair with movement back with Olivia Newton John’s “Physical”. I was so young I thought she meant working out! I decided to lose weight prior to starting high school. Although the weight would be lost and more would be gained over many years, I found I LOVED to move. I have done aerobics, step aerobics, belly dancing, biking, jogging (yuck), deep water jogging, body pump, weight lifting, water aerobics and yoga. I always have to be moving to feel good. That has been a constant for me. Otherwise, I have aches and pains and feel terrible all over!
I taught deep water jogging for about 10 years at the YMCA in Hatboro when I decided that I needed to get back on land and work on my bone density, balance and core since I am a woman of a certain age. I decided yoga would be the avenue for me. I met Kristin and began at Nourishing Storm in January of 2015.
When I began, I knew no one. I was very quiet and serious about my practice. You see, my personality is not only very negative and self deprecating but also, when I am in a situation when I am uncomfortable, I make jokes. When I took yoga at the YMCA I was in the back of class making strange noises, distracting others and making fun of myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to take my practice more seriously. I learned form and concentration first. In the mean time, Megan and Kristin got the positive messages in so I started this journey on a positive note.

At Nourishing Storm, I have found a community of women that I LOVE to be around.

Yes, we have men but the Saturday morning breakfast club in Connie’s corner doesn’t have any men in it-yet. We are a very welcoming group that will always bring another chair over or push another table over if you care to join us. We meet after the 9 am yoga calm class and have a cup of coffee, smoothie or full breakfast if we want. We chat and enjoy each other’s company. The one thing that brings us together is yoga. All of us are from different situations. All of us are different ages. All of us have a story that is uniquely our own. All are welcome at the breakfast group.

We are all searching for something. Me, I want to keep myself around people who are positive (or try to be). I find I can come to exercise classes by myself but I stay once I joined a community. I like getting to know other people and making connections. That is what KEEPS me coming back.
You will see in my picture that I choose the ½ sun salutation. I love many yoga poses and movements but I picked this one because it was the FIRST time I noticed the changes in my body. When I begin to come back up, I noticed my back didn’t have that ache in the lower part. I was so happy! I know my journey is made with baby steps (you’ll notice I am on the yoga hike-BIG step for me!) I feel loved and supported here at Nourishing Storm and everyone here encourages being positive. They will help me stay on this journey even if I hit a bump. Thank you Kristin and Megan for building such a wonderful addition to our sweet Hatboro community!