Nourishing Storm has taken me on a journey that allows me to feel better both physically and emotionally.

At age 13, I herniated a disk in my back and did everything possible to avoid surgery, but unfortunately it became necessary. Seven years later the scenario played out again and I had another back surgery followed by a surgery to remove a disk and fuse my neck 9 years after that. I felt like I had been doing all the doctors said yet multiple times a year I would end up unable to walk due to back pain or unable to function at all due to neck and radiating arm pain.

As a pharmacist, I have been trained in western medicine, but I felt like it failed me. The doctors diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease and said nothing can be done. My back and neck will never be pain free and I will continue to have bad flare ups. I refused to accept that path so I did some research and changed my career and became a homeopathic pharmacist. I learned the body has the ability to self heal, and took a reiki class.

Then a friend suggested I try yoga. I thought there is no way I can do that, I don’t look like someone who does yoga but she talked me into it. I found Nourishing Storm two years ago and my life is forever changed. I need yoga. I need to take the time for myself so I can stop and enjoy all of the wonderful things life brings. My back and neck are still not perfect but the
improvements are tremendous. If I do wake up with some pain, I seem to recover within a day rather than a month. The instructors made me feel at ease and were so kind to me and completely non­judgemental. I felt very comfortable having them guide me which allowed me to realize that it really was my practice. The time on the mat is for me and I can only do what my
body allows.

I’ve learned if I move too quickly and am not mindful, then I’ll hurt my back. I’ve learned that my warrior may not look like anyone else’s and that is okay. Nourishing Storm saved me from the vicious cycle I was in and I now know how awesome yoga is! Yoga is for everyone, including me.

This month ends with Halloween which brings to mind the pose that ends our yoga class and I enjoy, savasana or corpse pose. I love the peace it brings me, as it is a time where I do not have to think or worry about anything. My mind gets the break that it needs and I come out of the pose feeling much bliss. It is a reset for my mind and body.