I came to yoga about 2 years ago here at Nourishing Storm. I had just a little exposure to yoga before I came here. I started yoga mainly to help with my flexibility and hopefully get some peace of mind. From my first Saturday class with Megan I felt welcome by everyone. This is truly a judgment free zone. I have found a place where I can go to help my body, mind and spirit. There are days when I’m struggling with just life in general and going to yoga helps because it is  totally a positive experience. I walk out of the studio feeling much better than when I walked in. I like the mix of instructors and what each brings to their class.

I have become stronger physically and this helps on a daily basis with my job and also with doing day to day tasks around  the house. I like to hike and yoga has helped me with the physical part but also has made me slow down and  appreciate the beauty in nature. I plan to get to some of Kristin’s SUP yoga this coming summer , sounds like it will be another great experience.

“I choose peace” is my mantra for now.