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Yoga + Camping

French Creek State Park- September 13th-15th

adventure awaits!

Nourishing Storm Adventures & Retreats

NS Adventure is designed to take your yoga beyond the studio and out into nature. On our adventures we take our practice on the mat and integrate it with the spirit and energy of nature as we breathe, walk, jump, play, and wander together in the woods, on the water and to far off places! Our mission is centered around connection, exploration, and of course, love. Join us for an upcoming SUP Yoga class, Yoga Hike or Retreat!

Upcoming Retreats

Winter Writing Retreat at Sky Island

Through writing we begin to understand our own story; to relate to others; to process the world around us. It creates space for our ideas, insights and the infinite wisdom we all possess. It is an integral part of our self-care. You can hold this writing close or share it, your choice. Are you ready to answer the call and devote time to putting your journey on paper and create the work and life you want to live? Then, this Winter Writers Weekend retreat is for you …

Upper Black Eddy, PA – February 7th-9th 2020


She Moves Mountains Women's Retreat

What is the mountain you need to climb? And, more importantly, what will it take to get you up and over the top?

In order to conquer any great mountain (obstacle, fear, etc.), we must prepare by laying the foundation and gathering the tools needed to get us to the top. In this powerful weekend, we will be telling our stories, getting clear about our mountains, and then charting maps to get us up and over. There will be plenty of compassionate support, replenishing yoga, nourishing foods and restful interludes at the gorgeous Sky Island Bed and Breakfast, home to much inspiration for writers, wellness seekers, mountain climbers, etc.

Upper Black Eddy, PA – March 13th-15 2020


Trail Blazers (Business of Yoga) Entrepreneurship Weekend

Are you a trailblazer at heart? An intrepid entrepreneur willing to let your dreams take flight; do what scares you; and be challenged daily in order to live a fuller and more purpose-filled life. Do you believe in dreaming the “impossible” dream… and then living it?

It’s entirely possible to do what you love and love what you do while at the same time creating something that serves the greater good.

This business of yoga weekend is for those interested in owning a Storm or a wellness business. We give you all of the tools needed to plan, create, launch, and keep your business (and health) strong. It takes everything (mind, body and soul) to start and run a wellness business so let’s make sure you have everything you need right from the start.

Upper Black Eddy, PA- April 24th-26th 2020

Live By the Sun, Love by the Moon Yoga & Camping Adventure

On this two night yoga & camping adventure into beautiful French Creek State Park, we will be hitting the trails and finding our practice among new terrain by day and sleeping under the stars (and a full moon on Saturday the 5th) along with cooking up tasty treats at the bonfire by night. This retreat is about celebrating our connection to nature, to ourselves and to all those that surround you.

French Creek State Park, PA – September 4th-6th 2020